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An apology

Dear Readers, We have removed the story “Hungry Demigods” by Andrea Tang (November, 2017) from this website and archives after concerns were raised about the work’s originality. We examined “Hungry Demigods” and its alleged source side-by-side, and found that the story did not meet our requirements as an original work. We thank the reader who […]

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Giganotosaurus 2017 Award Eligibility

It’s incredible to me that Giganotosaurus turned seven this year and that 2017 marks my third full year as editor. From its earliest days, Giganotosaurus has existed with a single goal: publish one “longish” (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) work of speculative fiction a month. I’m incredibly proud of the 12 stories that met our […]

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2015 Year In Review: What We Published

Editor’s Note: Editors are capricious creatures, and since we’re not all operating out of the same playbook (or any playbook at all for that matter) by nature our job is a subjective one. My goal in choosing stories for Giganotosaurus is in line with our stated value of diversity in storytelling in its myriad forms. I […]

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