Giganotosaurus 2017 Award Eligibility

It’s incredible to me that Giganotosaurus turned seven this year and that 2017 marks my third full year as editor. From its earliest days, Giganotosaurus has existed with a single goal: publish one “longish” (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) work of speculative fiction a month. I’m incredibly proud of the 12 stories that met our goal this year.

Since this is awards season, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on where we stand in terms of eligibility and we published this year.

As the two major awards for consideration are Hugo Awards and Nebula Awards, I’ll be focusing on our eligibility as it relates to those requirements.

Giganotosaurus is eligible for the Best Semiprozine Hugo Award.

Rashida J. Smith is eligible for the Best Editor (Short Form) Hugo Award.

Here are the stories we published in 2017 by categories (short story, novelette, or novella). All of our stories are available to read free online, or downloadable in epub and mobi formats at the links below.

Novellas (17,500-40,000 Words):

Higher My Gallows by Alice Brook

Novelettes (7500-17,500 Words):

Poetics of Defiance by Daniel Ausema

Finity by Elaine Atwell

Six More Miles by Alex Acks

The Wagner Trouble by Julie Novakova

Salvage by Tracy Canfield

The Wanders by Ian McHugh

To Us May Grace Be Given   by LS Johnson

Hungry Demigods by Andrea Tang


Short Stories (Under 7500 Words):

Hold Me Fast  by Alter Reiss

The War on Space and Time by Octavia Cade

With Perfect Clarity by Wendy Wagner


Other Resources and Reading Lists:

Nebula Reading Lists

Hugo Spreadsheet of Doom

2017 Favorites by AC Wise

2017 Spec Fic by Black Authors

A. Merc Rustad Some Awesome Stories from 2017

My 2017 suggested reading list in all its flawed & limited glory

Hugo Nominees 2018 Wiki

(This is a sampling of awards eligible lists and not exhaustive by any means and will be updated if/as time allows!)

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