Offering great customer service isn’t just good for your customers; its good for your employees because it empowers them to do a better job, it empower them to start understanding work related facts, such as “what is order management?”

Heres how it works. Lets say you have two employees, Jane and Jeff, both of whom have three children.

Jane has one child who is a little over six years old. Jane also works hard to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.

However, there are some issues with Jane’s job. The most important of which is that Jane feels that shes no longer doing anything meaningful because shes unable to focus on any given project for more than a few hours.

The other issue is that Jane knows that shes not working at full capacity because shes exhausted and has spent too much time thinking about herself, her work, and how much more she needs to do to make it good.

As Jane works, shes doing a great job. Shes able to maintain a very high standard of productivity and is a hard worker. As Jane’s work level and skill level increase, however, her satisfaction with her work decreases. Eventually, Jane finds that she cant concentrate on her work and thinks about nothing except how she should feel better and how she should feel even better. Jane’s supervisor feels bad for her, but she knows that things arent going to get better because she needs to do better at her job to make herself and everyone around her happy. Jane feels horrible, like she cant do anything right and needs to get her act together. This causes Jane to have major doubts about her job. She thinks, “How am I going to know if this is even worth it when I really dont think I am going to make much money?” and, “How am I going to know when I am better and better at this work so that I can actually make money and feel good about what I am doing” and, “Why am I even doing this?” Jane asks herself all of these questions and then comes to a decision. Jane is going to go to her boss and tell him that she is leaving and that she is leaving in no small part because she can’t do the job she is currently doing, that she feels a lack of passion for it and she feels too much pressure to please the clients.

While you are reading Jane’s story, be sure to notice how this job that she is leaving would likely not be at the level that she is comfortable with. That is a small thing, but a small thing can really make a huge difference. You need to be willing to challenge yourself and your work in order to become more enthusiastic about whatever your current job is.

The thing is that, you are probably not going to get it right at first. Sometimes it will take a very long time before you feel that your work is good enough and that you are happy with it. Sometimes you will end up not doing a lot of work and not really enjoy what you do. That is okay. Don’t worry too much about it. But, try to find what you can do that is enjoyable and that you are passionate about, whether that is writing and reading, drawing and painting, playing sports, or other stuff. If you like drawing or drawing and painting or something else, you should probably keep doing it and keep growing and improving.

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