2022 Award Eligibility Post

2022 had GigaNotoSaurus hitting our stride with our first Nebula-nominated story under my editorship: Just Enough Rain by P. H. Lee, published in May 2021. We had 745 stories submitted to us last year. Here are the stories we published that are eligible for awards in 2022:

GigaNotoSaurus is also eligible for awards under the semi-prozine category, and yours truly is eligible for short-form editor.

2023 will be an interesting year in light of our announcement last month. Thank you to all our readers, and we hope you enjoy the stories we have acquired for this year!

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LaShawn M. Wanak, Editor

LaShawn M. Wanak is the editor of GigaNotoSaurus. She also writes stories. Stories keep her sane. Also, pie.

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