The Wait is Longer Than You Think

1. John stood and gunned up his courage. “We need to talk.” Colophinanoc’s manipulator digits didn’t stop their movement, their rhythmic squirming in and out and around the small basket he made. The eyes, the two at the top, swiveled toward John, the antennae dropped back—something John had learned was one of a dozen shows […]

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Traces of Us

by Vanessa Fogg   It was an old network of intelligences, one of the first, and the bulk of its physical embodiment was housed on a ship orbiting a planet of perpetual windstorms and violet lightning. Some of the network’s intelligences busied themselves on this world, drifting through sulfur-tinged clouds and sampling a rich stew […]

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Through the Eye of the Needle

There are only two ways to leave the mistress’s menagerie. One is through death, the other is love. Both are tricks. All of us prisoners buried within the menagerie’s pristine fractals are here by virtue of our skills. Fire keeps me alive, and the guests entertained. If the mistress knew my real skill, well. How […]

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Giganotosaurus 2017 Award Eligibility

It’s incredible to me that Giganotosaurus turned seven this year and that 2017 marks my third full year as editor. From its earliest days, Giganotosaurus has existed with a single goal: publish one “longish” (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) work of speculative fiction a month. I’m incredibly proud of the 12 stories that met our […]

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Higher, My Gallows

One I can still taste electric anise when I open my eyes. It’s been a week since that kid got himself killed and I came too late to do anything about it. An open-and-shut case. I light a cigarette trying hard to ignore the boy in my bed tonight. He snores and I kick him […]

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With Perfect Clarity

Everything about Councillor Rand is moisturized to the point of buttery softness. He even smells rich. The thick scent of coconut oil, an imported luxury I have only smelled on kept women with downtown addresses, drifts across the counter and crawls up my nose. “It’s a simple inter-department water transfer. Why are there so many […]

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