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Quarter Days

(i) Candlemas On the Monday, Grace put the advertisement for the new apprentice on the door of their chambers; on the Tuesday, she had a couple of interested, and uninteresting, respondents; and on Wednesday, it was the seven hundred and thirty-first Candlemas of the City of London, so Grace went out with all the other […]

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The Stars, Their Faces Uplifted in Song

Transfer orders reached me in active storage—awake but shelved, and attentive only to the smaller sounds of silence: the hum of ventilation shafts, the occasional click of distant footprints, the minute grind of locks on other doors. Call them my meditative years—four and a half, give or take, since the last serious incident on Loris […]

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The Faerie-Maker

Bathsheba took me possessively by the hand once we reached the Roma Street Parklands. My captress had not needed words or physical restraints to bring me here, even if our journey had been somewhat delayed due to mutual satisfaction. She had unfurled her wings after a night of slow-dancing to an improbable Bollywood-rockabilly mash-up band, […]

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The Body Corporate

People most in need, need the most help, my father used to say. That’s what I thought when I saw the Corporate bleeding on my porch that night. I gave it a soft kick. It didn’t move, just lay broken in the firelight coming through my front door. But something moved inside the wound in […]

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Blow the Moon Out

In those moments before, in the dark of the woods, we were near perfect likenesses of each other: faces round and curious, not having lost the plumpness of youth; eyes brightened by the possibility that lay at the end of our journey; coats buttoned up proper and bags carrying all we thought we needed still […]


The Business of Buying and Selling

Three o?™clock in the morning, and Ria could hear the baby crying from all the way at the other end of the hall. Never mind paper-thin walls; the units in this building could have been constructed from eggshells. All it took was the slightest bump or knock for cracks to appear in the one coat […]

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Sacred Cows: Death and Squalor on the Rio Grande

No retrospective of New Gonzo journalism would be complete without this well-known early example, a piece that saved the career of the woman who defined the genre. We reprint it here as it first appeared in the October 2027 issue of Crunch magazine. At 7 a.m. on a bright Thursday morning last June, in the Mexican […]

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Drinking with the Elfin Knight

Freshman Year ‘It’s a very strange matter, fair maiden,’ said he,       ‘I canna blaw my horn but ye call on me.       ‘But will ye go to yon greenwood side?       If ye canna gang, I will cause you to ride.’ -Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight  My parents subscribed me to Out Magazine […]

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Bears Punching Bears!

The false-gravity observation deck offered a spectacular view of the incandescent whorls and fronds of the Zeepardjes Nebula, but Vro Vrolik, a Solarium School of Business alumnus at heart, was more inspired by the spinning sign of the Golden Nebula Casino. Well you can also win cash bonus at qq39bet. The only other human on […]

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